Roarr Dinosaur Park

Roar Drone Photo v2

RoaRr Dinosaur Park

Following previous works at the dinosaur park we were approached by Roarr to assist their Planning Consultants with the initial design details for the construction and feasibility of their proposed extension.

We undertook various surveys of the existing site (drone, topographical and utilities) to understand how the development would sit in context to its surroundings. Other associated works undertaken using the various services of PDC included drainage designs, flood risk management, nutrient neutrality mitigation, transport assessment, highways designs and associated reports. Finally collating all of the technical reports into an environmental impact assessment to assist the planning application submission.

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Services undertaken:

  • Transport Assessment
  • Environmental Statement
  • Preliminary (Contamination) Risk Assessment
  • Construction Environment Management Plan
  • Tourism Brown Signs application management
  • Topographical Survey
  • Utilities Survey
  • Flood Risk Assessment and Surface & Foul Water Drainage Design