We're on the move!

We are PDC Option 1

Setting our sights on Snetterton

As a future-focused business, we always focus on the longer term. We know where we are going and what it takes to get there.

As part of our long-term strategy to provide a rewarding environment for our teams and clients, we are excited to move to fantastic new premises later this year.

Our Director team were asked to explain more about the move from our current Attleborough office to a purpose-built facility in Snetterton.

Read on to see our Directors' answers when asked about the move.

Why have you decided to move to a new office?

We decided to move for several reasons. The first was that our old building needed to be updated and modernised. To do this would not only have been costly but also disruptive to business and our clients.

The other reasons for moving were primarily focused on helping our staff. The new premises offer better transport links, making our team's commute easier, and the office's new open-plan layout will improve collaboration and staff well-being which is really important to all of us.

What will the new office be like?

The new office will be a modern, open-plan workspace with plenty of natural light and a comfortable working environment. There will be meeting rooms, breakout areas for staff to collaborate and socialise, and dedicated areas for quiet work.

How will the new office be different from the current one?

The open-plan layout will be a significant departure from the current design, which is more traditional and divided into different rooms. The new office has been designed specifically with staff well-being in mind, with features such as natural light and ergonomic furniture.

What is the proposed move-in date?

We’ll be moving once the building is completed. We hope this will be in the summer of 2023, and the whole team is very excited.

How will the move change the way you work, and what benefits will it create for the employee team?

Whilst the open-plan layout will encourage greater collaboration and communication between team members, the new meeting rooms and breakout areas will provide more opportunities for focus groups and problem-solving.

The new office will also give people more chances to learn and grow professionally and give them easier access to resources and help. Having space to break away from work during the day should lower the risk of burnout and stress that can come with long commutes and small workspaces.

Plus, the improved transport links will make it easier for staff to travel to and from work, which should help reduce stress and improve productivity.

What are the benefits to your clients?

The benefits to our clients include more opportunities for face-to-face meetings and collaboration. The new office will also provide a more professional and welcoming environment for our clients to visit, which is more accessible and with better parking.

How does this fit with your other branding and marketing plans?

The move to the new office is running in parallel with our branding and marketing plans, which include a new website and rebranding campaign. The new office will physically represent what our brand stands for and help us maintain our image as a modern, forward-thinking business. 

How do you see the move benefitting future staff and staff retention?

We believe the move to the new office will attract more people who'll want to work here, and once they begin their journey with us, they'll want to stay and grow with us too.

The improved working environment, chances to work together, and professional growth opportunities will help us find and keep talented employees.

Our new premises will bring a host of benefits to our teams and clients, including:

  • Improved transport links for better access and a more pleasant commute
  • An open-plan layout to increase collaboration and creativity.
  • Breakout spaces to increase flexibility and opportunities to move around during the day.
  • A light, bright, inspiring place to work.

We believe our business is only as strong as the people in it, so we want to ensure we're offering a workspace where they want to work and flourish.